Any court booking related inquiries or issues please contact


  1. Members must log into their Club account to book, amend and cancel court reservations.

  2. Starting at 8am daily, members can reserve courts up to 7 days in advance to play with other permitted members. For example, on Monday at 8am, a member can book a court up until the end of the following Sunday; on Tuesday at 8am, a member can book for the following Monday, etc.

  3. Members can have a maximum of 2 bookings (a booking is defined as one hour of singles or three player play, and two hours of doubles play) at any time within this rolling 1 week period. For clarification, 1 hour of Doubles play counts as ½ a booking. ***If you have a court booked to play doubles all 4 players that arrive at the club must be booked in the system. If there are 1 or 2 players missing for the booking, the court will be cancelled by the court monitor and the member will need to rebook the court with the existing players on court. Players remaining will need to have space in their rolling booking as singles and 3 player play is considered a full booking.

  4. Upon entering the club, each member must check in with the club monitor on duty ‘one at a time’ and confirm his/her reservation and provide photo ID if required.

  5. Please arrive between 15 minutes before your booking time (gates will open 15 minutes prior to booking). 

Please add a photo of yourself to your online account

  1. Members are allowed a maximum of 2 consecutive hours of booked play. Either 2 hours of singles play, 2 hours of doubles play or a combination of 1 hour of singles play or 1 hour of doubles play. (Members that have played 2 consecutive hours will not be given priority for Continuous Play)


  2. Subject to the above restrictions, members can book up to a maximum 3 hours per day (subsequent to the 3 hour booked meximum, continuous or walk ons will be at the descretion of the monitor according to fair play)

  3. Members will be notified automatically via email when a court is booked in their name. If this booking has been made in error, it is the responsibility of that member to notify the monitor by phone or email that their name has been used without permission.

  4. To book singles, doubles or three player play, the booking member will need to provide all players' names in the booking system. Courts can be booked up until the hour of play. For example, if there are any unreserved courts at 3:01pm (per the website/online booking clock), those 3 - 4pm unreserved courts will no longer be “bookable” online but will be managed by the court monitors for “walk on” play.

  5. Only the members whose names appear on the booking can be on the courts playing.
    In the event that courts are not booked at start of the hour, Continuous Play options are then offered. Priority will be given in the following order:
    a. members who were playing on that court
    b. other members playing doubles on another court that last hour  
    c. other players playing singles on another court that last hour

  6. Members looking to “walk on” should speak to the court monitor who will assign any available courts on a “first come, first served” basis with Doubles being the priority, and after the continuous play options have been exhausted  

  7. All “walk on” players must be present at the time the court is considered free. Walk on play does not count towards members’ two booking maximum as this is unplanned play. Court monitors will track walk-ons. 

  8. Unless directed by the court monitor, members shall play on the court that they have booked online.

  9. Members must use court bookings with the intention of playing for the full time limit.

  10. On a daily basis clay court maintenance times are from 12-1pm and 5-6pm. These times can be subject to change depending on weather and maintenance demands. Members can check the maintenance schedule online daily. Courts can be cancelled if monitors deem them to be unplayable due to poor conditions to ensure safety and the preservation of the courts.

  11. Tournaments, round robins or lessons as approved by the Board have priority on certain courts. Check the website for updates on rescheduled events due to rain, or deviations from the Online Booking System.

  12. All players must vacate the court promptly when their court time is over.



  1. If court monitors determine that courts are unplayable for any reason (courts are too wet, etc.), they will cancel the court and the member(s) will be notified via email.

  2. Please always confirm Court Conditions by going to the Kew Gardens Tennis Club website home page and reading the Court Condition Updates (this is updated regularly with inclement weather). 

  3. Please do not assume courts are cancelled due to weather in your location. An email cancellation will be sent if the courts are unplayable for your court booking. Kew Gardens Tennis Club won’t be at fault if a member does not receive the email confirmation due to technical reasons or incorrect setup of the members email account. 


The following member types are permitted to bring guests to the club:

Adult Members

  • Senior Members

  • Young Adults 




With the convenience of our online court booking system comes added responsibility for members to use courts they have reserved. We ask all members to be mindful that Kew is a very busy club and all bookings must honour the rules below. 

  1. Courts bookings must be claimed within 15 minutes of start time or the court will be released by the club monitor so other members may use the court for a walk-on. If the member arrives after the 15 minute mark or does not arrive for their court booking it is considered a ‘no show’. The first offence will result in a warning letter and any subsequent offence will result in a 7 day playing and booking suspension.

  2. Members must cancel a reservation if a court will not be used. Cancellations or edits can be made online until 2 hours before reserved court time without a penalty (i.e. reservations cannot be cancelled within two hours of reserved court time). Cancellations or edits can only be made online through the member's Club account. Cancellations made less than 2 hours prior to the booked slot will result in a penalty. The first offence will result in a warning letter and any subsequent offence will result in a 7 day playing and booking suspension.

  3. If some but not all of the players booked for a court do not cancel within the required time, the presenting players have the option to continue to play and/or find substitutes for the missing players. The court monitor will cancel the initial booking in order for the presenting player(s) and any player substitute(s) to rebook the court with updated player information. This online re-booking is necessary prior to proceeding on-court to commence play. Otherwise, the court will be forfeited.

  4. If the presenting player does not find any eligible player to substitute and the late player does finally arrive, the late member can play but their tardiness will be recorded in order to determine if it is chronic.

**IMPORTANT**: In all cases, player substitutions must have the online booking room within their revolving two booking reservations in order to be included in the revised court booking.



1. Members must treat our staff with dignity and respect.

Abuse of staff will not be tolerated and can result in the possible revocation of membership.


Any misuse of the Club’s court booking policies and system is contrary to the rules and, in the absence of extenuating circumstances as determined by the monitors, will result in penalties. Suspicious patterns are subject to review and may be deemed as “misuse”.

Examples (but not limitations) of “gaming” are:

  1. Any booking that does not have the same or all of the members playing. Players playing on courts not booked in their name or otherwise permitted by the court monitors.

  2. Bookings that are made in the name of members who have no intention or ability to play at that time.

  3. A member allowing their name to be used for purposes of booking courts with no intention or ability to play at that time.

  4. Bookings that are otherwise made in a manner or for the purpose to circumvent the rules and spirit of the Club’s booking policies.

  5. Members found to be misusing or circumventing the booking policies, or acquiescing in their misuse, will be penalized with the following series of escalating playing and booking suspensions ultimately resulting in the possible revocation of membership:

Where there are abuses of the online booking system or circumventing the booking policies members will be penalized with the following series of escalating penalties:

  • 1st offense: two weeks

  • 2nd offence: one month playing and booking suspension

  • 3rd offence: the longer of 3 months and/or the remainder of the season

If a member's booking and playing privileges are revoked, they will receive an email notification of the penalty. During this penalty period, the member will not be able to log into the booking system and their name will not be available to be booked by the Club or any other member. Any existing bookings will also be cancelled.

No-shows, late cancellations, and misuse/gaming are recorded by the monitors.

Please notify the the monitor of any irregularity in following the above rules by sending an email to monitor@kewgardenstennis.ca


  1. Who can play: At least one regular member + up to 3 junior members (Regular members = Next Gen/Young Adult/Adult/Senior)

  2. Who books: The regular member books the court. They add the junior member(s) using the drop down menu.   All court bookings count towards each member’s 2 revolving bookings per week.

  3. Hard courts only (Courts 6 -10)

  4. Regular members are responsible for ensuring that all juniors on the court are adhering to all Kew rules and court etiquette. If proper etiquette is not displayed court monitors reserve the right to suspend play and not permit juniors to play until mature enough to adhere to proper court etiquette.  

  5. We understand that balls go on other courts from time to time. If this is a chronic issue and becomes a disturbance to other members monitors can reserve the right to also suspend play.

  6. All players on court must appear in the booking and be participating in play. Children must not be left unattended or be disruptive to other members.

Monday - Saturday anytime before 7:30pm (last booking at 6:30pm)

Sundays 8:30am - 3:30pm (last booking at 2:30pm)

ONLY Next Gen juniors with adult playing privileges, as directed by the Director of Operations, will be allowed to book courts during adult playing times. To learn more about Next Gen Juniors click here.