Registration Opens: May 1, 2024

Registration Closes - May 11, 2024


Please include your USTA rating (i.e 3.0 - 5.0) in the 'ADDITIONAL INFORMATION' section when registering.

If you do not know your level click HERE for videos that display each level of play.

***There is a 3.0 minimum playing level to participate***

Ladder Fee -  $40 (plus HST)

Singles Ladders

  • Open  - (Mixed - Men & Women compete against eachother)
  • Women's Ladder

*Players can only register for one ladder*


(4) 5-week cycles - dates listed below

Cycle 1 - May 13 - June 14
Cycle 2 - June 17 - July 26 (6-week cycle)
Cycle 3 - July 29 - August 30
Cycle 4 - September 2 - October 4


Box Style Ladder

Standings, Contacts, Recording Scores all done thorugh our Kew Account

Refreshed every 5 weeks (3 days between each cycle to give time to administer)

Players move up and down according to the following criteria in order of:

  • Total Points
  • Win Loss Percentage
  • Wins and Loss


Prizes are given out to players that accumulate the most overall points through all 4 cycles

(Higher boxes are not given priority)

Open Ladder Prizes (Men & Women)

Kew credits are issued to the top 10 players with the most overall points, starting at $40 for 10th place and moving up in $30 increments all the way to $310 for 1st place. (based on maximum participation)

Women's Ladder Prizes

For the Women’s Ladder based on the number of participants there would be 5 prizes, we would use the same formula and issue credits starting at $190 for 5th place, and all the way to $310 for 1st place.(based on maximum participation)

Prizes will be added to a member's Kew account and can be used for any Kew membership, social program or items sold at the club.

Ladder Rules and Policies

1. Players are placed in groups of 8 by the Ladder Coordinator according to their NTRP ratings.

2. After each 5-week cycle is complete the Ladder Coordinator will regroup participants according to the results of the last session.

3. All contact information can be found through the Ladder participant’s account.

4. Players must book Ladder Matches through their online account. Matches count as 1 booking towards their rolling 2 bookings.

5. Each match must be played as one pro set (no ad scoring) The first player first player to win 8 games wins the match. When the bell rings you can complete the point you are playing. If that point does not complete the game, then the overall result will reflect the score in the games before that point started. At 7-7 a regular tiebreaker will be played (first to 7 points, win by 2 or more).

6. Maximum 10 minute warm up prior to the start of play. This warmup applies even if a player is late, unless both players agree to waive it.

7. If a player is 10 minutes late, they lose a game. After 15 minutes the late player defaults.

8. Points will be awarded in the following manner:
Win = 4 points, Tie= 2 points, Loss = 1 point......Default = 0 points

9. Injured or ill players, or those away for an extended period of time (within a cycle) must inform the Ladder Coordinator in a timely manner so that other players in the box can be notified, as these players may be subject to a default.

10. Every player must play a minimum of 3 matches in each cycle to remain eligible to stay in the ladder. Those who do not are subject to removal without refund, but can reapply after missing a minimum of 1 cycle

11. Players who have difficulty reaching opponents or arranging a game with another player, must inform the Ladder Coordinator.

12. New players can enter the ladder at the beginning of each period. They will be placed into groups according to their NTRP rating. Ladder fees will not be prorated

13. At the end of each cycle the Ladder Coordinator will draw up the new boxes. Based on results, two players (with the best results) shall be promoted to a higher box and two players (with the worst results) shall be relegated to a lower box. However, if a player appears to be in a box significantly too low or too high, he/she may be promoted/relegated by more than one box. Based on very close standings, a 3rd player MAY be moved up, or down a box.

14. In the event of ties for specific positions at the end of the ladder, the applicable prize pool for those places will be added together and then equally divided amongst the affected players.

15. Winning players are responsible for recording match scores through their online account. Unrecorded scores at the end of the session will not be counted.

16. Players arriving after the 15-minute mark or not arriving for their match is considered a ‘no show’. The first offense will result in a warning letter and any subsequent offense will result in a 7-day playing and booking suspension. The result will be scored as a default

17. Both players must bring a new unopened can of balls for the match. At the end of the match the losing player keeps the used can and the winner keeps the new can. If available, the club may provide a can of “gently used” balls for the match if agreed by both players.

18. Please contact the ladder coordinator for any queries or grievances related to the ladder program