Impact of COVID-19 on 2020 Season

as of April 13, 2020


How long will the Club be closed down for? As of April 4th, we know that Kew will be definitely closed and inaccessible/locked until June 30, 2020 and potentially longer. As the situation continues to evolve, we will update our members via email and the website along with Facebook and Twitter.

Who decides when Kew will open? The City of Toronto, specifically the Parks, Forestry, and Recreation Division, is responsible for our permit and thus decides when we will open - they are proactively sending us notices re: COVID-19 and we are relaying any pertinent information to our members as quickly as we receive it. This impacts all community tennis clubs, not just Kew.

For more information, you can also go to:  

Is the Board planning to open soon after June 30th? We are currently planning how quickly we could open after June 30th but please keep in mind that the City could further extend the closure of certain park facilities including community tennis clubs.

If we are able to open soon after, however, we are considering what needs to be done to ready the clay courts, make essential repairs that were slated to occur this spring, clean the clubhouse, and plan for any change in how we run the club given the likely need to enhance hygiene for the safety and wellbeing of our staff and members.

I’m on the waitlist - If the club opens, is the waitlist going to operate the same way? Yes, we expect the waitlist to operate the same way as in the past. If you’re currently on the waitlist, there’s no downside to staying on the waitlist. Some members may opt for a refund of their membership (see COVID-19 REFUND POLICY section) so there may be room if/when we open. We will reach out those who have been waitlisted only if 1) the club is about to open; and 2) we are not at our membership cap.


To date, here is the current status of various programming that is impacted by the delayed opening (June 30). Note: we are ONLY reviewing programs that start before June 30 so if your program does not appear on the list, we have not cancelled it. The programs below will be 100% refunded back to the original payment method upon cancellation (see COVID-19 REFUND POLICY section).

Member Type Program Status / Comments

Saturday Morning Program - Spring (May 2nd - June 13th)

  • Parent Lessons - Spring
  • Parent & Tot - Spring
  • Red/Orange/Green/Regular Ball Classes - Spring
  • Girls Program - Spring

After School Program - Spring (April 27th - June 11th)

  • Mon/Wed Competitive
  • Tues/Thurs Developement
  Kew Beach School After School Pick Up Program - Spring (May 5th - June 11th) Cancelled
Adults Teams/League Play (May - Jun 2020) Postponed (not cancelled) for now by leagues
  Adult Clinics - Session 1 (April 27th - June11th)  Cancelled
  Adult Clinics - Session 2 (June 14th - July 11th) Cancelled


This policy addresses all Kew programs and memberships and has been developed to offer our members the maximum flexibility while attempting to minimize the administrative effort and associated transaction costs.

1) Junior Programs and Membership

  • Cancelled Junior programs: Once programs are officially cancelled, the member will be 100% refunded on the program cost.
  • Pending Junior programs (Summer/Fall Camps/Programs): If Kew has not cancelled the program in question, that means that it may still run. We will still issue a refund to those who request but we ask that you wait, if you can, before asking for a refund.
  • Junior Membership: As we are hoping the club will open later in the summer, we ask that parents hold off on cancelling the child’s membership even if one of their programs is cancelled. This helps us minimize administration work and associated credit card charges from the initial registration, refund, and re-registration. However, if a parent requests, we will provide a 100% refund. Also, should the club remain closed for 2020, we will issue a full refund at the end of the season.

2) Adult Programs and Membership

  • Cancelled Adult programs: Once programs are officially cancelled, the member will be 100% refunded on the program cost.
  • Pending Adult programs (Clinic Session 3 & 4): If Kew has not cancelled the program in question, that means that it may still run. We will still issue a refund to those who request but we ask that you wait, if you can, before asking for a refund
  • Membership (Adult/Senior/Student)

We are currently offering these members two options at this time:

Option 1: Immediate 100% refund

Prior to the season start (currently June 30, 2020), members can ask for a full refund. The refund will be processed back to the payment form initially used to register (credit card or if cheque, then cheque). Kew will absorb the credit card charges and will not charge the $10 admin fee that is typically charged for refunds.

IMPORTANT: If a member chooses to take the immediate refund and the club opens later this summer, he/she will be placed on the bottom of the waitlist for re-registration.

Option 2: Prorated Refund if/when the Club opens in 2020

We expect many members to think positively and look to the club opening after June 30th. If we are able to open this season, we will calculate the pro rata refund to all existing members at the time of opening and will issue a refund back to the payment type initially used to register.

Here is a sample calculation assuming the club is able to open on July 1, 2020. We have used our typical Kew spring start timeframe (this year would be April 25) and our typical close timeframe (this year would be Oct 10).

Date the Club Opens July 1, 2020
# of Weeks Kew been forced to close 8.5 (April 25 - June 30, 2020) 
Total # of Weeks Kew would be open in 2020 24 (April 25 - October 10, 2020) 
% of Season that Kew was closed


In this example, the Board would issue a 35% refund on each member’s Kew membership.

If the member was a New member, then they would receive a refund of 35% x $274.34 = 96.01 which we would round up to the nearest dollar to $97 (plus HST).

For new and returning members, the refund calculation is the same.

 What Happens if the Club Doesn’t Open at All? In the event that the club is unable to open, members can be rest assured that they will receive a full refund. We are investigating rolling the membership to 2021 but no decision has been made for now. Further information will be provided should this scenario become reality - we hope it doesn’t.