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Important NOTES regarding Summer 2023 Registrations: 

Summer programs are offered to Red 2, Orange 2, Green 2, and Yellow 3 and 4 players. All Level 1 players should register for summer camps.

  • Summer Priority Registrations: May 22, 2023 for players who are currenlty enrolled in our Spring programs.
  • Waitlisted Players Registrations: Players who have waitlisted for our programs will be contacted after priority registration is over subject to availability.

  • Due to the high volume of players registering, we are ensuring all our currently enrolled and wait-listed players get a chance to register first. In the meantime, please send us an email with your inquiry at letsplay@tennisforlife.ca and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you for your patience.
  • To secure your spot, please ensure you complete the payment(s) at the time of registration. Enrolments that are not paid will be auto-deleted by the system at night.

To improve faster, we encourage players to register for another Learn session or even better enrol in our Team Play sessions, which we highly recommend as the second day for Play and Practice. Please scroll down to "Team Play" to learn more about Team Play and register.

Blue, Red 1, Orange 1 and Green 1 are best for starting players and those who still learning how to PLAY (Serve, Rally and Score). If you can PLAY and have previous experience, please contact us at letsplay@tennisforlife.ca for an assessment to determine if you can register in higher-level programs. 


CodeNameAgeDescriptionNoteDayTimeStart DateEnd DateWeeksAvail SpotsMember PriceNon-Member Price
21764Blue4 to 5July BlueSat10:30-11:30amJul. 8Jul. 2940$102.60$102.60Register Now
21763Red 26 to 8July Red 2Tue3:30-4:30pmJul. 4Jul. 2545$102.60$102.60Register Now
21762Red 26 to 8July Red 2Sat9:30-10:30amJul. 8Jul. 2943$102.60$102.60Register Now
21761Orange 29 to 11July Orange 2Mon3:30-4:30pmJul. 3Jul. 2445$122.60$122.60Register Now
21760Orange 29 to 11July Orange 2Wed5-6pmJul. 5Jul. 2644$122.60$122.60Register Now
21759Orange 29 to 11July Orange 2Sat11:30am-12:30pmJul. 8Jul. 2943$122.60$122.60Register Now
21758Green Transitional9 to 11July Green TransitionalTue4:30-5:30pmJul. 4Jul. 2541$122.60$122.60Register Now
21757Green Transitional9 to 11July Green TransitionalThur4:30-5:30pmJul. 6Jul. 2746$122.60$122.60Register Now
21756Green 212 to 17July Green 2Thur3:30-4:30pmJul. 6Jul. 2745$122.60$122.60Register Now
21755Green 212 to 17July Green 2Sat12:30-1:30pmJul. 8Jul. 2943$122.60$122.60Register Now
21754Yellow 312 to 17July Yellow 3Mon4:30-5:30pmJul. 3Jul. 2443$138.00$138.00Register Now
21753Yellow 312 to 17July Yellow 3Mon5:30-6:30pmJul. 3Jul. 2443$138.00$138.00Register Now
21752Yellow 312 to 17July Yellow 3Tue5:30-6:30pmJul. 4Jul. 2540$138.00$138.00Register Now
21751Yellow 312 to 17July Yellow 3Wed6-7pmJul. 5Jul. 2643$138.00$138.00Register Now
21750Yellow 312 to 17July Yellow 3Wed7-8pmJul. 5Jul. 2643$138.00$138.00Register Now
21749Yellow 312 to 17July Yellow 3Thur5:30-6:30pmJul. 6Jul. 2740$138.00$138.00Register Now
21748Yellow 412 to 17July Yellow 4Mon6:30-8pmJul. 3Jul. 2440$207.00$207.00Register Now
21747Yellow 412 to 17July Yellow 4Tue6:30-8pmJul. 4Jul. 2540$207.00$207.00Register Now
21746Yellow 412 to 17July Yellow 4Fri5-6:30pmJul. 7Jul. 2840$207.00$207.00Register Now
21787Blue4 to 5August BlueSat10:30-11:30amAug. 5Aug. 2642$102.60$102.60Register Now
21745Red 26 to 8August Red 2Tue3:30-4:30pmAug. 1Aug. 2245$102.60$102.60Register Now
21744Red 26 to 8August Red 2Sat9:30-10:30amAug. 5Aug. 2643$102.60$102.60Register Now
21743Orange 29 to 11*No class Aug. 7thAugust Orange 2Mon3:30-4:30pmJul. 31Aug. 2134$91.95$91.95Register Now
21742Orange 29 to 11August Orange 2Wed5-6pmAug. 2Aug. 2342$122.60$122.60Register Now
21741Orange 29 to 11August Orange 2Sat11:30am-12:30pmAug. 5Aug. 2645$122.60$122.60Register Now
21740Green Transitional9 to 11August Green TransitionalTue4:30-5:30pmAug. 1Aug. 2244$122.60$122.60Register Now
21739Green Transitional9 to 11August Green TransitionalThur4:30-5:30pmAug. 3Aug. 2446$122.60$122.60Register Now
21738Green 212 to 17August Green 2Thur3:30-4:30pmAug. 3Aug. 2446$122.60$122.60Register Now
21737Green 212 to 17August Green 2Sat12:30-1:30pmAug. 5Aug. 2645$122.60$122.60Register Now
21736Yellow 312 to 17*No class Aug. 7thAugust Yellow 3Mon4:30-5:30pmJul. 31Aug. 2133$103.50$103.50Register Now
21735Yellow 312 to 17*No class Aug. 7thAugust Yellow 3Mon5:30-6:30pmJul. 31Aug. 2134$103.50$103.50Register Now
21734Yellow 312 to 17August Yellow 3Tue5:30-6:30pmAug. 1Aug. 2341$138.00$138.00Register Now
21733Yellow 312 to 17August Yellow 3Wed6-7pmAug. 2Aug. 2343$138.00$138.00Register Now
21732Yellow 312 to 17August Yellow 3Wed7-8pmAug. 2Aug. 2344$138.00$138.00Register Now
21731Yellow 312 to 17August Yellow 3Thur5:30-6:30pmAug. 3Aug. 2444$138.00$138.00Register Now
21730Yellow 412 to 17*No class Aug. 7thAugust Yellow 4Mon6:30-8pmAug. 1Aug. 2233$155.25$155.25Register Now
21729Yellow 412 to 17August Yellow 4Tue6:30-8pmAug. 1Aug. 2241$207.00$207.00Register Now
21728Yellow 412 to 17August Yellow 4Fri5-6:30pmAug. 4Aug. 2541$207.00$207.00Register Now