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Important NOTES regarding Fall 2024 Registrations: 

Fall Term Duration: September 3 - December 23, 2024 (16 Weeks)

*First Day of the Term is Tuesday, September 3, 2024 regardless of which day of the week your child's session starts.

 Priority Registration Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024

IMPORTANT: To secure your spot, please ensure you make the payment in full at the time of registration. If you don't, your registration will be auto-deleted by the system that night and you will lose your spot.

**If you need to cancel and receive a 100% refund, please do so by Monday, August 26th 11:59PM - no later than seven days prior to the start of the term. Cancellation requests made within 1-6 days before the first day of the term will incur a 5% fee and can be given as a refund or club credit. Cancellation requests made 24 hours or less before the first day of the term are not eligible for refunds or club credits. 
First day of the terms: Fall 2024 starts on September 3, 2024; Winter 2025 starts on Jan 6, 2025; Spring 2025 starts on March 31, 2025; Summer 2025 starts on Jul 2, 2025.

***There are no make-up classes for missed sessions.

CodeNameAgeDescriptionNoteDayTimeStart DateEnd DateWeeksAvail SpotsMember PriceNon-Member Price
22218Blue4 to 5Fall BlueSat11-12pmSep. 7Dec. 21165$424.80$424.80Register Now
22219Blue4 to 5Fall BlueSun10am-11amSep. 8Dec. 22160$424.80$424.80Register Now
22220Blue4 to 5Fall BlueSun11-12pmSep. 8Dec. 22166$424.80$424.80Register Now
22221Red 16 to 8Fall Red 1Mon3:30-4:30pmSep. 9Dec. 23168$424.80$424.80Register Now
22222Red 16 to 8Fall Red 1Mon4:30-5:30pmSep. 9Dec. 23160$424.80$424.80Register Now
22223Red 16 to 8Fall Red 1Wed3:30-4:30pmSep. 4Dec. 18162$424.80$424.80Register Now
22224Red 16 to 8Fall Red 1Wed4:30-5:30pmSep. 4Dec. 18161$424.80$424.80Register Now
22225Red 16 to 8Fall Red 1Sat9-10amSep. 7Dec. 21164$424.80$424.80Register Now
22226Red 16 to 8Fall Red 1Sat10-11amSep. 7Dec. 21160$424.80$424.80Register Now
22227Red 16 to 8Fall Red 1Sun9-10amSep. 8Dec. 22160$424.80$424.80Register Now
22228Red 16 to 8Fall Red 1Sun12-1pmSep. 8Dec. 22165$424.80$424.80Register Now
22229Red 26 to 8Fall Red 2Mon4:30-5:30pmSep. 9Dec. 23162$424.80$424.80Register Now
22230Red 26 to 8Fall Red 2Wed3:30-4:30pmSep. 4Dec. 18160$424.80$424.80Register Now
22231Red 26 to 8Fall Red 2Wed4:30-5:30pmSep. 4Dec. 18166$424.80$424.80Register Now
22232Red 26 to 8Fall Red 2Sat10-11amSep. 7Dec. 21162$424.80$424.80Register Now
22233Red 26 to 8Fall Red 2Sun10-11amSep. 8Dec. 22162$424.80$424.80Register Now
22234Orange 19 to 11Fall Orange 1Mon3:30-4:30pmSep. 9Dec. 23162$507.68$507.68Register Now
22235Orange 19 to 11Fall Orange 1Wed3:30-4:30pmSep. 4Dec. 18162$507.68$507.68Register Now
22236Orange 19 to 11Fall Orange 1Thur3:30-4:30pmSep. 5Dec. 19161$507.68$507.68Register Now
22237Orange 19 to 11Fall Orange 1Sat9-10amSep. 7Dec. 21162$507.68$507.68Register Now
22238Orange 19 to 11Fall Orange 1Sat4:30-5:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21164$507.68$507.68Register Now
22239Orange 19 to 11Fall Orange 1Sun9-10amSep. 8Dec. 22163$507.68$507.68Register Now
22240Orange 29 to 11Fall Orange 2Mon4:30-5:30pmSep. 9Dec. 23160$507.68$507.68Register Now
22241Orange 29 to 11Fall Orange 2Tue3:30-4:30pmSep. 3Dec. 17161$507.68$507.68Register Now
22242Orange 29 to 11Fall Orange 2Wed4:30-5:30pmSep. 4Dec. 18160$507.68$507.68Register Now
22243Orange 29 to 11Fall Orange 2Sat10-11amSep. 7Dec. 21160$507.68$507.68Register Now
22245Orange 29 to 11Fall Orange 2Sun2:30pm-3:30pmSep. 8Dec. 22161$507.68$507.68Register Now
22244Orange 29 to 11Fall Orange 2Sun10-11amSep. 8Dec. 22160$507.68$507.68Register Now
22246Green Transitional9 to 11Fall Green TransitionalMon5:30-6:30pmSep. 9Dec. 23161$507.68$507.68Register Now
22247Green Transitional9 to 11Fall Green TransitionalWed5:30-6:30pmSep. 4Dec. 18160$507.68$507.68Register Now
22248Green Transitional9 to 11Fall Green TransitionalThur4:30-5:30pmSep. 5Dec. 19162$507.68$507.68Register Now
22279Green Transitional9 to 11Fall Green TransitionalSat9-10amSep. 7Dec. 21162$507.68$507.68Register Now
22249Green Transitional9 to 11Fall Green TransitionalSat2:30-3:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21160$507.68$507.68Register Now
22282Green Transitional9 to 11Fall Green TransitionalSat4:30-5:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21164$507.68$507.68Register Now
22250Green 1.0/1.512 to 17Fall Green 1.0/1.5Sat10:00-11:00amSep. 7Dec. 21161$507.68$507.68Register Now
22251Green 1.0/1.512 to 17Fall Green 1.0/1.5Sat2:30-3:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21166$507.68$507.68Register Now
22252Green 1.0/1.512 to 17Fall Green 1.0/1.5Sun2-3pmSep. 8Dec. 22165$507.68$507.68Register Now
22253Green 1.0/1.512 to 17Fall Green 1.0/1.5Sun4:30-5:30pmSep. 8Dec. 22166$507.68$507.68Register Now
22254Green 2.012 to 17Fall Green 2.0Sat11-12pmSep. 7Dec. 21161$507.68$507.68Register Now
22255Green 2.012 to 17Fall Green 2.0Sat3:30-4:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21163$507.68$507.68Register Now
22256Green 2.012 to 17Fall Green 2.0Sun2-3pmSep. 8Dec. 22160$507.68$507.68Register Now
22257Green 2.012 to 17Fall Green 2.0Sun3-4pmSep. 8Dec. 22169$507.68$507.68Register Now
22259Yellow 2.512 to 17Fall Yellow 2.5Mon5:30-6:30pmSep. 9Dec. 23160$539.84$539.84Register Now
22260Yellow 2.512 to 17Fall Yellow 2.5Tue4:30-5:30pmSep. 3Dec. 17162$539.84$539.84Register Now
22262Yellow 2.512 to 17Fall Yellow 2.5Tue5:30-6:30pmSep. 3Dec. 17160$539.84$539.84Register Now
22261Yellow 2.512 to 17Fall Yellow 2.5Wed5:30-6:30pmSep. 4Dec. 18160$539.84$539.84Register Now
22263Yellow 2.512 to 17Fall Yellow 2.5Thur5:30-6:30pmSep. 5Dec. 19161$539.84$539.84Register Now
22264Yellow 2.512 to 17Fall Yellow 2.5Sat3:30-4:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21160$539.84$539.84Register Now
22284Yellow 2.512 to 17Fall Yellow 2.5Sat4:30-5:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21163$539.84$539.84Register Now
22265Yellow 2.512 to 17Fall Yellow 2.5Sun11-12pmSep. 8Dec. 22160$539.84$539.84Register Now
22266Yellow 2.512 to 17Fall Yellow 2.5Sun3:30-4:30pmSep. 8Dec. 22160$539.84$539.84Register Now
22267Yellow 2.512 to 17Fall Yellow 2.5Sun4:30-5:30pmSep. 8Dec. 22163$539.84$539.84Register Now
22268Yellow 3.012 to 17Fall Yellow 3.0Mon5-6:30pmSep. 9Dec. 23160$809.76$809.76Register Now
22269Yellow 3.012 to 17Fall Yellow 3.0Wed5-6:30pmSep. 4Dec. 18160$809.76$809.76Register Now
22270Yellow 3.012 to 17Fall Yellow 3.0Fri3:30-5pmSep. 6Dec. 20160$809.76$809.76Register Now
22273Yellow 3.012 to 17Fall Yellow 3.0Fri5-6:30pmSep. 6Dec. 20160$809.76$809.76Register Now
22274Yellow 3.012 to 17Fall Yellow 3.0Sat12-1:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21163$809.76$809.76Register Now
22275Yellow 3.012 to 17Fall Yellow 3.0Sat2:30-4pmSep. 7Dec. 21163$809.76$809.76Register Now
22276Yellow 3.012 to 17Fall Yellow 3.0Sun2:30-3:30pmSep. 8Dec. 22161$539.84$539.84Register Now
22277Yellow 3.012 to 17Fall Yellow 3.0Sun3:30-4:30pmSep. 8Dec. 22164$539.84$539.84Register Now
22271Yellow 3.512 to 17Fall Yellow 3.5Fri3:30-5pmSep. 6Dec. 20160$848.64$848.64Register Now
22283Yellow 3.512 to 17Fall Yellow 3.5Sat4-5:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21161$848.64$848.64Register Now
22184Blue4 to 5Summer BlueSat9:30-10:30amJul. 6Jul. 2740$105.16$105.16Register Now
22196Red 16 to 8Summer Red 1Thur5:30-6:30pmJul. 4Aug. 2280$210.32$210.32Register Now
22186Red 16 to 8Summer Red 1 (no Aug 5)Mon5:30-6:30pmJul. 8Aug. 2670$184.03$184.03Register Now
22185Red 16 to 8Summer Red 1Sat10:30-11:30amJul. 6Aug. 2480$210.32$210.32Register Now
22187Red 26 to 8Summer Red 2Wed5:30-6:30pmJul. 3Jul. 2442$105.16$105.16Register Now
22188Orange 19 to 11Summer Orange 1Wed6:30-7:30pmJul. 3Aug. 2180$251.36$251.36Register Now
22189Orange 19 to 11Summer Orange 1Sat11:30-12:30pmJul. 6Aug. 2480$251.36$251.36Register Now
22190Orange 29 to 11Summer Orange 2Tue4:30-5:30pmJul. 2Jul. 2343$125.68$125.68Register Now
22197Orange 29 to 11Summer Orange 2Sat12:30-1:30pmJul. 6Jul. 2740$125.68$125.68Register Now
22192Green Transitional9 to 11Summer Green TransitionalMon6:30-7:30pmJul. 8Jul. 2232$94.26$94.26Register Now
22193Green 112 to 17Summer Green 1Thur3:30-4:30pmJul. 4Aug. 2280$251.36$251.36Register Now
22194Green 212 to 17Summer Green 2Thur4:30-5:30pmJul. 4Jul. 2540$125.68$125.68Register Now
22195Yellow 312 to 17Summer Yellow 3Tue5:30-6:30pmJul. 2Jul. 2340$133.64$133.64Register Now
22198Yellow 412 to 17Summer Yellow 4Tue6:30-8pmJul. 2Jul. 2342$200.48$200.48Register Now
22201Blue4 to 5Summer Blue Sat9:30-10:30amAug. 3Aug. 2440$105.16$105.16Register Now
22204Red 26 to 8Summer Red 2Wed5:30-6:30pmJul. 31Aug. 2143$105.16$105.16Register Now
22214Orange 29 to 11Summer Orange 2Sat12:30-1:30pmAug. 3Aug. 2441$125.68$125.68Register Now
22207Orange 29 to 11Summer Orange 2Tue4:30-5:30pmJul. 30Aug. 2044$125.68$125.68Register Now
22209Green Transitional9 to 11Summer Green Transitional (no August 5)Mon6:30-7:30pmJul. 29Aug. 2643$105.16$105.16Register Now
22211Green 212 to 17Summer Green 2Thur4:30-5:30pmAug. 1Aug. 2241$125.68$125.68Register Now
22212Yellow 312 to 17Summer Yellow 3Tue5:30-6:30pmJul. 30Aug. 2040$133.64$133.64Register Now
22215Yellow 412 to 17Summer Yellow 4Tue6:30-8pmJul. 30Aug. 2044$200.48$200.48Register Now
22104Yellow 412 to 17Spring Yellow 4Wed5-6:30pmApr. 3Jun. 19120$601.44$601.44Register Now

Team Play!

The Team Play sessions provide players with additional point play repetition in a friendly and fun team environment, so they can put in play the skills they learned in practice. Thus they get to improve their overall tennis skills much faster. Team Play sessions help create a desire for wanting to play better, and consequently, playing better becomes the reason for any skill development, going out to practice, and continue taking Learn sessions. 

Imagine having your child taking a piano class once a week, but without him practicing to play the piano on another day in a week. Without that additional playing time, they will not progress as much at playing the piano. The same logic applies to Tennis.  Tennis is a game, and to play it better players need a lot of point play experience.

CodeNameAgeDescriptionNoteDayTimeStart DateEnd DateWeeksAvail SpotsMember PriceNon-Member Price
22280Orange Team Play9 to 11Fall Orange Team PlaySat2:30-3:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21166$414.24$414.24Register Now
22281Green Team Play12 to 17Fall Green Team PlaySat3:30-4:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21166$414.24$414.24Register Now
22278Yellow Team Play12 to 17Fall Yellow Team PlaySat12-1:30pmSep. 7Dec. 21160$693.76$693.76Register Now