Club Membership Registration

  • We offer a family-based registration process.
  • To register yourself and/or other family members, you must be age 18 or older as of December 31 of the current calendar year.
  • Select the option from the list below that applies to YOU.
  • Once you have provided information about yourself, you will be prompted to register other tennis-playing family members.
  • Final fees owing will be calculated based on number of family members registered.
  • Once you have registered and paid your membership fees, you can log-in at any time to view and print your payment history, update your profile and contact information and view our member directory.


2020 Fall Specials Beginning September 1st

For all NEW and EXISTING members, we are giving you the unique opportunity to join EARLY for 2021 at reduced rates that are better than our regular spring early-bird rates. This is the BEST deal for getting a jump on 2021. This DEAL only exists until OCT 31st, after which time our rates will revert to our standard fees. Keep in mind we WILL NOT be offering any early-bird rates after Oct 31st or next spring, so we encourage you to jump on this offer ASAP. To take advantage of this, please email first so your online payment can be activated.

If you would like to join now to play for the final few weeks in September, or do both and also join for next year, please contact directly to make arrangements and get pricing.

Member Type for New and Existing members

2021 Fee Special


Fee AFTER Oct 31st

Adult 2021 (22+)



Junior 2021 (under 18)



Young Adult 2021 (18-21)



Family 2021 (2 adults, up to 3 juniors)



Due to popular demand, we are continuing to offer our BRING-A-FRIEND racquet promotion deal. If an existing member refers a new member, the new member and existing member will receive a membership for the 2021 season, and also receive:

  • Both you and the new Adult member will receive a 1 hour semi-private lesson with our Head Professional, Kusal Fernando.
  • Both you and the new Adult member will receive a complimentary swag bag
  • The existing member will receive a strung HEAD tennis racquet valued at approximately $200 (while supplies last!)

To take advantage of this Promo, send an email to with the name of the new adult member you are referring!  Once the promotion details are confirmed, the existing member should re-register using their existing logon-in account and select the PROMO 2021 Registration Type. The NEW member can register below by also selecting the PROMO 2021 option. Make your payment and we'll make arrangements for you to receive your swag.

MembershipSelect this option if
Adult (22+)
  • For NEW and EXISTING members wishing to join for 2021
  • You wish to join as a single adult playing member, and optionally add other family members (eg: add one or more juniors, add a young adult, add a second adult, add a second adult and one young adult).
  • NOTE: Consider joining under the Family special if you are registering two adults with at least one junior, as this is the most economical.
Click Here
Junior (under 18)
  • For NEW and EXISTING members wishing to join for 2021
  • You DO NOT wish to join the club yourself, but wish to register one or more family members on their behalf (eg: register any combination of juniors, adults and/or young adults)
  • Select this option if you are registering one or more juniors but not yourself
Click Here
Young Adult (18-21)
  • For NEW and EXISTING  members wishing to join for 2021
  • You wish to join as a young adult, and optionally add other family members (eg: add a second young adult, add an adult, add one or more juniors.
Click Here
Family (2 adults, up to 3 juniors)
  • For NEW and EXISTING members wishing to join for 2021
  • You have at least two adults and one junior in the same family registering as this provides the best rate
  • The maximum number of juniors you can register for the Family Group Package is three (3). You may add more juniors and even additional adults and/or young adults, but you will charged the additional fee
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Promo 2021 (22+) - applies to existing & new members
  • For EXISTING and NEW Members: You wish to join as a single adult playing member for 2021, and receive a FREE HEAD racquet, a FREE swag bag and FREE lesson with our pro. Must be completed in conjunction with a new member
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